uhhhhhhhhhh Sup

  • i go by neo or gonta (some ppl know me as ana or sidera thats chill)

  • it/it/its , worm/wor/worms

  • minor (16 no i didnt forget to update this for several weeks shh)

  • infp-t, enneagram type 9

  • neurodivergent; big anxiety and da adhd (inattentive)

  • lgbt+ or something


main kins/ IDs

high kins

lower kins

song kins ??

"im sorry i told you about the normal album do you still think im hot"

current interests

  • will wood

  • webcore/old net

  • oc creation

  • camp here & there

  • psychopathology

  • personality typologies


avoid or tag?

  • the same message being sent more than once

  • repetition of one word/phrase

  • depictions of an animal in pain or distress especially audio or video

  • yelling/fighting

  • sound of a door slamming (or similar banging noises)

  • anger/ impatience directed at me for a symptom of a neurodivergency of mine if that makes sense

  • messages or posts with hostile or angry/confrontational tone

bad stuf

  • the sound of coughing

  • talking/posting about "gender envy"

  • mocking tone tags (i.e. misusing intentionally in a ridiculing/belittling way)

  • depictions of s3x

  • kissing sounds

  • k/lling st/lking (comic)

  • any kind of harm to animals

  • topics of eating poorly/overeating

  • people/voices talking over each other (audio)

links and others

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